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  • 5 Classiest Cars of All Time with Exquisite Coachbuilders for Ultra Rich

    From horseless carriage to horsepower, the automotive industry has come along a way. With loads of ground-breaking technology, the modern day cars are no less than magnificent beasts. While the makers are continually striving to implement the best features in the luxury cars, one thing has remained constant throughout these years; the concept of coach builders.

    For the uninitiated, a coachbuilder is typically referred to the manufacturers of the custom-built car bodies. Majority of the classic car companies heavily rely on these builders to get the vehicle bodies done. It’s of true surprise, even in the age of disruptive technology, the power of manual craft is still so relevant.

    If you are heading to make an entry to the list of elite-buyers of cars, here is the list you need to check once. Made in collaboration with the best coach builders, below given are the top 6 classic cars of all time:

    1. Porsche 911

    Perfect combination of style and luxury, Porsche 911 is every man’s dream car. This car boasts a 2.0 engine to render seamless performance. Unlike other luxury cars, this model is equipped with modern 911 turbos and 500+ bhp. The surprising fact is that the company has stopped the production of this particular model since 1989. However, even after more than 2 decades, the model has managed to retain its class. You can get second hand Porsche 911 with utmost perfection build from the house of estimable coach builders.

    1. Volkswagen Beetle

    This is one of the best sellers for the past few years. Though it initially had a humble beginning, with proven superlative performance, Volkswagen Beetle soon became the people’s car. In the more near-term, this economic 4-seater has now got the badge of being masses vehicle, who can spend a little more than the usual. Powered by the faultless look and sturdy engine, this car still has a mass production.


    1. Jaguar E-type

    Winner of several awards, Jaguar E-type is the ultimate sports car of all time. Apart from its elegant look, the engine blocks and electrical parts are noteworthy. These cars were in production till the mid-70s. Build implementing state-of-the-art technology, this particular model is still relevant.

    1. Land Rover

    If you aspire to be close to nature, Land Rover is your call. According to the car enthusiasts’ survey, this is by far the best 4×4 car. Made with class-leading engineering, the model is a perfect fit for every kind of road. The two main features that attribute to its popularity are the longevity and composure.

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    1. Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

    Made with the blended features of a racing car and a luxury sedan, this model is showcase elegance and style. In fact, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing is still considered to be one of the world’s first super cars. Furthermore, if you have a knack towards aerodynamics, go for this car without sparing a thought. However, make sure you opt for one of the best coachbuilders.

    These are truly some exemplary cars which are still on the rage even after decades of its production.   To be true, a handful of coach builders are continuing with the legacy of building the chassis and other parts. Do your little research and opt for the best!